Marvel Heroes Levelling Guide (Wolverine)

This guide centres on Wolverine who is by far the most popular choice.

Wolverine is perhaps one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters, spinning out into his own series and guest starring in several others. A mutant whose full name is James Logan Howlett, the young man had to run away from home to the Canadian frontier where he made a life in a mining camp.

Growing tough, unaware of his mutant healing factor, Wolverine earned his name with his work ethic. Wolverine joined the Canadian army and fought in the second World War, and later on he volunteered for a secret, experimental Cold War project called Weapon X.

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There his entire skeleton was bonded with the strange, nearly indestructible metal called Adamantium. Dealing with bouts of uncontrollable fury, lost memories and the life of a lone warrior, Wolverine is still the underdog more often than not.

Unlike Luke Cage gameplay, Wolverine skill focused on close quater combat. The first skill tree that Wolverine has access to are Claws. This tree covers all of his claw attacks, from Quick Slash and Brutal Slash to more powerful strikes that can cut enemies to ribbons with a wave of his arm.

The second skill tree is Ferocity, which covers abilities like Adrenaline Rush, which gives Wolverine a quick juice to his abilities, Furious Lunge, which lets him cover distances in a rush, and other, similar powers. These skills work in tandem with Claw abilities to provide a fast-paced melee assault. The third tree, Weapon X, is made up of mostly passive powers such as Healing Factor and Smell Weakness.

The former power allows Wolverine to regenerate health at alarming rates, the latter takes down the defense of his enemies and makes them easier to hurt. These skills are some of the most useful in the game, especially for a character as straight up and simple to play as Wolverine is.

Do you want to mold Wolverine into the damage dealing machine? Take note of how to bring out the Wolverine’s potential in the Marvel Heroes guide. Contained within the guide are many effective leveling tactics to use exclusively for the Wolverine.

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The tactics ranged from simple, yet overlooked to cunning strategies devised by the author. The author provides an assortment of effective skill rotations as well as how to strengthen Wolverine for PvE and PvP. Think you have what it takes to dominate Marvel Heroes using Wolverine as your one man army? If so, click here to learn more.
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