Marvel Heroes Captain America Levelling Guide

Captain America, alias Steve Rogers, is the only man alive to have successfully received the super soldier serum. Created as a super weapon during the second World War, the serum turned an asthmatic, 90 pound weakling into a superhuman weapon ready to take on Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Meant to be the first of many, the scientist who designed the formula was murdered soon after. Rogers brought the saboteur to justice, but the damage was done; there would be no more super soldiers.

While Captain America has a lot of different abilities as a character, his skill trees focus on his combat prowess. His three skills tress are Living Legend (which focuses mostly on melee strikes and his ability to punch out nearly any threat), Combat Leader (which provides bonuses to Captain America as well as any allies in his vicinity when he uses the power) and Shield Slinger (powers that focus on the Captain’s ability to throw his adamantine shield to damage enemies that are further away).

Captain America is similar to heroes like Daredevil, in that his ranged capabilities are limited and the best possible build comes from having all of his skills built up equally.

That way Captain America can face any threat and still be able to take the fight to the enemy, or contribute to the fight in the case of a team-based attack. With that said however, Captain America does have some flexibility when it comes to his skill point allocation.

Captain America is a super soldier, and playing this hero might be hard for a beginner and gamer alike. So, this guide might be useful for you.
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