Guild Wars 2 Thief PVP Builds

If you are struggling with PVP on guild wars 2 then this thief pvp build might just be what you are looking for.

This Guild Wars 2 Thief build focuses on using dual daggers for the Cloak and Dagger ability and then hitting the enemy from behind using Backstab for critical damage.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Vanishing into stealth is a crucial part of this build since we will be selecting traits that benefit stealth the most. When in stealth, you will get 100% critical strike chance, regain initiative and health, and also gain vigor.  

One last important part of this build is that you also get a better chance to critically hit when you attack an enemy from the side or behind. Read on for the full detailed description of the build.

As we said in the intro, we will be using dual Daggers for this build specifically for the first and last ability which gives us Backstab and Cloak and Dagger. You will be using Cloak and Dagger to go into stealth and then Backstab from there. The other abilities will not be used unless the enemy is on the run with very little health. In that case you can use Heartseeker which leaps at the enemy and does more damage if the enemy has less then 33% health.

For your second weapon set, pick up the Shortbow which will help you with larger mobs. Your first shot has a cripple that bounces off foes. From there, you can use Cluster Bomb and Choking Gas which will bleed and poison your enemies.

For your heal skill, you should pick up Hide in Shadows which will heal you and then stealth you which will benefit this build greatly.
Utility Skills

For your utility skills, we are going to focus on three of them that all give you a chance for another stealth. First pick up Shadow Trap which stealth you back to the trap you set. Next pick up Blinding Powder which blinds nearby enemies and grants stealth to nearby allies. For your last utility, pick up Shadow Refuge which heals and grants stealth to nearby allies.

For your elite skill pick up Thieves Guild which calls in extra thieves for support in a fight. It’s really an awesome elite skill and I use it for most builds.

First we are going to focus on the Critical Strikes trait line which will increase our critical strike damage and chance to critically hit greatly. First pick up Furious Retaliation which gives you fury for 10 seconds when your target reaches 50% health. Next pick up Side Strike which gives you a +7% chance to critical hit when hitting a foe from behind or the side. Last pick up Hidden Killer which gives you a 100% chance to critical hit while in stealth.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Next we are going to focus on the Shadow Arts trait line which gives us added healing and toughness. This is going to be very helpful for staying alive especially in PvP not to mention it makes our stealth much more valuable. First pick up Infusion of Shadow which gives you 2 initiative when you use a skill that stealths you. Next pick up Patience which makes you regain initiative faster while in stealth. Last pick up Shadow’s Rejuvenation which makes you regenerate health while in stealth.

The last trait line we are going to be diving into is Acrobatics for the trait Vigorous Recovery which gives you vigor upon healing.  You will gain vigor a lot since you will heal whenever you are in stealth now.
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