Guild Wars 2 Ranger PVP Builds

This Ranger build is a little unconventional using an Axe and Torch to burn and bleed your foe with conditions. We will also be using signets for all of our utilities and buffing them through our traits to maximize their potential. Once you get used to this build it is a ton of fun and truly very effective. Using your skills correctly and selecting the traits discussed below, you will be able to create your own burning combos to help melt down any foe you face!

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Using an Axe in the main hand with a Torch in the offhand will provide us with a bunch of conditions producing very high damage output. Combining these two weapons, we can create our own combos because one of the Torch abilities is a combo field called Bonfire. Once you activate Bonfire it places a ring of fire around you that you can now combine with your finishers, the Axe has two finisher projectiles that will now cause burning upon hitting your enemy.

Heal as One is a great heal because it heals you and your pet quickly. Also it has the biggest heal upon activation and is not a heal over time. Some may prefer the healing spring which is also a combo field that is pretty much an AoE heal for you, your, pet, and allies. If you plan on playing with a group and sticking together, this may be the way to go.

As for the Utilities, we will be choosing all signets. In our Marksman trait line we will be selecting a trait that will allow signets to effect us in addition to our pets. Signet of Stone passively improves Toughness and when active your pet takes no damage from incoming attacks for five seconds.

And because of our Marksman trait we take no damage as well. Signet of the Hunt passively grants increased movement speed by 10% and when activated you and your pet will deal more damage. Finally, Signet of the Wild passively grants health regeneration and when activated you and your pet grow larger dealing more damage and gain Stability (immunity to cripple, chill, knockdown, launch, and knockback).

I like to keep Signet of the Hunt on auto attack because it has the shortest cooldown and will almost always be up.

For your elite skill, choose Rampage as One. This makes you rampage with your pet gaining Fury, Might, Swiftness, and Stability. Sounds all good to me.
Traits Breakdown

Marksmanship and Wilderness Survival will be our main trait lines going 30 points into each with the remaining 10 points into Nature Magic.

Going into the Marksmanship traits, we get a ton of Power and Condition Duration. In this line, grab Steady Focus that will increase our damage by 10% when endurance is full. Next pick up Signet Mastery reducing the cooldown of signets by 20%. Since we chose three signets earlier for our utilities, this will have a great impact on our build. And lastly select Signet of the Beastmaster. As previously mentioned, this trait is essential in that when you activate your signets they not only buff your pet but you as well.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Wilderness Survival is up next and will increase our Toughness and Condition Damage. All of our abilities produce conditions so the bonus to Condition Damage is essential. Expertise Training is a good option for the first trait allowing your pet to do more condition damage. Off Hand Training is perfect for us recharging our off hand skills 20% faster and longer range. This trait is definitely a must for this build. Lastly, choose Bark Skin for added defense. You and your pet take 30% less damage when under 25% health.

Last but not least is the Nature Magic trait line increasing Vitality and Boon Duration. Using our remaining 10 points, grab Strength of Spirit that gives 5% of vitality to power.
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