Guild Wars 2 Professions Guide-A Beginners Guide To The Professions In Guild Wars 2

There are 8 different professions (classes) and if you are not sure which one will suit you then this guild wars 2 professions guide might just be what you are looking for.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

The other thing to bear in mind is that all the professions have a unique aspect, and will change with the weapons you have equipped at a the time.

The role of each profession is not set meaning you don’t JUST get a healer or tank profession you will be able to use all professions to heal for instance and some will be better than others.

Here is a list of al the classes.

The Mesmer.

The Mesmer is similar to a sorcerer and will have skills dealing in “dark” magic. Such as being able to create clones and phantoms. As well as that the Mesmer will be able to cast decent long ranged attacks that start off slow and with a little damage but build up fast to be quick destructive. Think of them as the master of illusions!

This is a fairly advanced class to start off with.

The Engineer.

If using turrets is more your thing and heavy artillery then you want to check out the Engineer. You will have access to fire turrets, rifle turrets and healing turrets to name a few.

You will also get Weapon kits and backpack kits. Think of the Engineer like a “Commando” type profession.

They don’t have a very wide weapon choice but they can equip a shield off hand and have plenty of abilities to pick from to use the weapons.

The Thief.

The Thief is a thief! Well of course we know that but think a “Rogue” sort of profession here. The Thief is stealthy and uses a skill called initiative where they can actually steal items and buffs of players.

You need to pick the weapons that you have equipped carefully with the Thief as it will make a big difference to the skills you get to use in the game.

The Guardian.

This is quite a big support profession and they have a ton of AoE attacks that they can use by laying symbols down on the ground to affect the surrounding area.

They can also summon spirit weapons to fight for them and have awesome buffs which are called “Virtues”.

With this profession think of a Priest but with more AoE attacks!

The Necromancer.

This profession will enable you to raise the dead to fight for you. They also have a fairly decent array of AoE attacks that are called Wells and they have Marks as well which are the same but often more powerful and will affect a smaller area.

The Ranger.

Remember the Hunter from World of Warcraft? Well you are on the right track here as the Ranger you will get a pet and the interesting thing with GW2 and pets is the level of customization that you get as well as being able to evolve your pet as well!

You will also be able to summon Spirits as a Ranger.

The Warrior.

Every MMORG has to have a warrior right? Well the Warrior is fairly standard – they can take a huge amount of damage and as they attack they will gain Adrenaline that makes their attacks stronger. Not the most excited of professions but if you are new to the game they do make for fast leveling!

The Elementalist.

This is a fairly complex profession because they can pick from the different elements to change their skills sets such as Fire, Water, and Earth – think of a sorcerer that is good!

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.
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