Guild Wars 2 Necromancer PVP Builds

PVP in guild wars 2 can be very hard at first but with a little practice is the best mode of play, in my opinion. Here is a guild wars 2 necromancer pvp build.

Since we are focusing on Minions in this build you will get a large benefit for using the Summon Blood Fiend for your heal skill. This heal skill will summon a minion that deals damage and heals you. Heals will be boosted even further through our traits.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

As we mentioned in the intro we will also be using minions for all of our utility skills. You should pick up Summon Shadow Fiend, Summon Bone Fiend and Summon Flesh Wurm. Now we can call on four minions after choosing our utilities and skills. This is the essence of the whole build so it is important to use minions for all of your utility skills.

When choosing our traits we are going to try and buff our minions as much as possible. We are going to do this by focusing primarily on Death Magic and Blood Magic with the last of our trait points being spent in Curses to improve critical strikes and increase our bleed damage.

First we will start in the Death Magic trait line by picking up Minion Master which will cause your minion skills to recharge 20% faster. Next you should pick up Flesh of the Master which will give your minions 50% more health making them harder to take down.  Last pick up Death Nova which will cause your minion to explode in a cloud of poison that lasts 3 seconds.

Next we are moving to the Blood Magic trait line and picking up Bloodthirst which makes your siphoning health 50% more effective. Next pick up Vampiric Master which makes your minions siphon health and transfer it to you. Last we are going to pick up Fetid Consumption which will cause your minions to draw conditions. They will take one condition every 10 seconds which will allow you and your group to stay alive much longer.

We are going to spend the last of our trait points in the Curses trait line by picking up Hemophilia which increases bleeding duration by 20%. You will now also have a 66% chance to cause bleeding on a critical hit.

Since this build is build around your minions they are going to be the most important part of your play style. When going into a fight you want to have your minions at hand prior to starting. This will serve as a big distraction to the enemy and also cause them to target your minions before you.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Not only will they help control a mob but your minions will do damage as well. While your minions are at work you should be working through your weapon skills and getting as many conditions on your enemy as possible. Start off with he staff and once your abilities are on coold down quickly swap to the Axe and Focus. 4 of the 5 skills on this weapon set have conditions on them and the cool down for these abilities are much shorter. You can continue fighting with this weapon set or switch back to the staff if you are more comfortable with it.

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