Guild Wars 2 Guardian PVP Builds

Getting used to the builds system in Guild Wars 2 is not easy, especially for pvp, with that in mind here is a guild wars 2 guardian pvp build.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

This Guild Wars 2 Guardian build explains a play style that uses utility skills and the greatsword to apply conditions for damage. In essence you will be applying vulnerability to decrease the enemies armor and then burning conditions to do damage. Stacking vulnerability allows us to put out more damage and our traits are tailored to promote this play style.

We will also get a large increase to damage from fighting foes on fire and just by using a greatsword. Another important part of this Guardian build is our signets and consecration skills which give us more chances to apply vulnerability and burning.

As the title suggests we will be using a 2 handed Greatsword for our build which is optimal for doing damage. Some important skills that you are going to want to focus on using are the Symbol of Wrath and Leap of Faith. They will apply burning and blind your enemy which will prove useful once we get to the traits.

For your heal skill I would recommend  picking up the Signet of Resolve which also comes with a passive effect of removing a condition every 10 seconds. All passive effects from signets we use will also get a boost from our traits which we explain later on.

For your utility skills you will be picking up some condition based abilities. First pick up Retreat which will grant aegis and swiftness to nearby allies. After that pick up Judge’s Intervention and Purging Flames which gives us 2 more abilities with burning damage.

Since this is an offensive Guardian build the best choice for our elite skill is going to be Tome of Wrath which grants us powerful offensive spells for a limited time. You are going to be doing a lot of damage when you use this skill so make sure you use it when it benefits you the most.

The first trait line that we are going to focus on is Zeal which will give you an automatic boost to power and condition duration. First pick up Fiery Wrath which increases damage by 10% against burning foes. Next pick up Shattered Aegis which applies burns to enemies when an aegis you applied is removed. Very helpful with all the burning conditions we are going to be applying on enemies. Finish off this trait line by picking up Greatsword Power which increases your damage with a greatsword.

The next trait line we are going to focus on is Radiance which will give you an automatic boost to precision and condition damage. First pick up Blind Exposure which applies vulnerability when you blind an enemy. Next pick up Searing Flames which gives you a 25% chance to remove a boon when you burn an enemy. Last pick up Simmering Defense which burns nearby foes when your health reaches 25%.

The last of our trait points are going to be spent in the Virtues trait line. Pick up Master of Concecrations which recharges your consecrations 20% faster directly affecting our utility Purging Flames.

When playing this build you are going to want to use your utility skill Retreat whenever it is up. The important part of this is that it gives aegis to yourself and nearby allies.  Due to our trait selection this will now inflict burning on your enemy when it is removed. So if it is removed from all of your allies they will all put out burning damage.

After that use Judges Intervention and Purging Flames which will inflict more burning to your enemies. The Zeal trait line gives a huge boost to your symbols, specifically the Symbol of Wrath, so you should be using this skill whenever it’s up. Once your enemies are burning you will get an automatic 10% increase in damage to them since we picked up the trait Fiery Wrath.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Just keep up the vulnerability and burning conditions the entire fight. Also, we can’t forget about our basic mechanics, using virtues. You should be using all virtues when necessary but Virtue of Justice will give you an extra boost in condition damage and increase your teammates damage as well when you activate it.

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