Guild Wars 2 Engineer Leveling Guide

The engineer is great at powerful burst attacks and long range damage, this guide will show you the basics of this cool profession.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

Although this build may take some practice once you get it down you will find it helps you leveling progress no end.


This build works best with dual pistols because defense isn’t really built into it. You will have to do all of your damage from a distance and burst down enemies before they get a chance to get in close to you or you will be taking heavy damage.


This is the powerhouse section of your traits. It is going to dramatically increase the damage that you do by boosting your power and your expertise. Forceful explosions is the optimal skill for the Adept trait because it will increase the number of enemies your bombs and grenades damage. For the Master slot you will be using Explosive Powder to dramatically increase your explosive damage output. And for the Grandmaster section you want Grenadier to give you more time to dish out damage before your enemies are on top of you.


This is where your Elixirs are going to gain enough power to be useful in combat. The vitality bonus of this tree will also give you a little more survivability. Elixirs are very important for your survival and when you focus on this tree you will gain healing capabilities and ways to shed conditional damage. Throw Fast-Acting Elixirs into the Adept slot to make sure you have enough heals available to keep up with damage that you receive. Cleaning Formula – the Master skill that is used in this build – is useful for helping you remove conditions that can deal serious damage to you. Automated Response, the final trait in the Alchemy section, will help you stay alive longer when you are low on health by taking all conditions out of the equation.


The main reason to get 10 points into Tools is for the Speedy Kits trait that gives you a faster run speed each time you use a kit (which you will be doing a lot). Running faster means you can avoid more damage. You also gain a little crit damage and Arenaline Pump will help you dodge more often which is helpful too.

Healing – Elixir H

This heal is a  good way to get some extra boons on yourself and it should make fights a little easier to handle.

Utility 1 – Grenade Kit

Grenades are going to be one of your primary methods of damage so this skill is very important to have.

Utility 2 – Bomb Kit

Bombs are the other type of attack you will rely on and this kit is the most essential of them all.

Utility 3 – Elixir R

Keep Elixir R handy to prevent too much damage during a stun or to keep your dodges available for major ranged attacks.

Elite – Supply Crate

This is nice for the turrets that you get and they will probably become a major tactical accessory for you.

Healing – Consume Conditions

This is a great heal when facing an enemy that loves to throw out the conditions.

Utility 1 – Blood is Power

Another bleed will help you out when facing a very difficult opponent.

Utility 2 – Corrupt Boon

Toss this on an enemy with a large number of boons to turn the fight around quickly.

Utility 3 – Epidemic

This is the most important additional skill that you are going to get and you should get it as soon as you can afford to do so. Use it to spread your DOT damage to multiple enemies and skyrocket your total DPS.

Elite – Lich Form

Switch into Lich Form after the bleeds have been applied to make yourself harder to kill.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

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