Guild Wars 2 Elementalist PVP Builds

Here is a great guild wars 2 elemenalist pvp build that uses scepter and focus for a truly powerful build.

This Guild Wars 2 Elementalist build uses the Scepter and Focus for weapons and focuses on Fire and Air Magic trait lines. This will allow us to get the most damage and critical hit chance we can get.

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Not only will your fire skills be applying burning conditions to enemies but after choosing our traits your air skills will also give you a chance to apply burning conditions when you crit hit. Last, we are focusing on signets for our utilities and heal skill and buffing them to reduce the cooldown by 20%.

If you are looking for a great crit build for Elementalists with some added conditions then this is the build for you.

As the title suggests we will be using the Scepter and Focus for this burning crit build. When using these weapons under the Fire Attunement we will will have plenty of spells that give burning conditions out. Under the Air Attunement we will have plenty of chances for crits which will have the opportunity to provide more burning conditions on the enemy.

For your heal skill pick up Signet of Restoration which grants health every time you cast a spell. Our signets will also be getting a buff after we choose a trait so we will also focus on them heavily in this build.

For your utility skills first pick up Signet of Fire which improves your critical chance and will burn your foe when you activate it. Next pick up Signet of Air which increases movement speed and will blind your target and nearby foes when activated. Last pick up Signet of Earth which improves your toughness and immobilizes your foe when activated.

We are going to focus on Fire Magic, Air Magic and Earth Magic in this build so we can focus on increasing our power, precision, condition duration and critical damage. Since our build is built around this premise these trait lines give us the best boost to the stats we need.

In the Fire Magic trait line first pick up Ember’s Might which makes you deal 5% extra damage to burning foes. Next pick up Burning Precision which gives you a 30% chance to cause burning on a critical hit. Last pick up Pyromancer’s Puissance which adds might for 5 seconds every time you cast a fire spell.

In the Air Magic trait line first pick up Bolt to the Heart which deals 20% more damage to enemies with less than 25% health. Next pick up Air Training which gives you 10% increased damage when you are attuned to air. Last pick up Aeromancer’s Alacrity which makes your air weapon skills recharge 20% faster.

If you are looking for more in depth help and a full guide to all builds and missions in the game check out Guild Wars 2 Domination.

In the Earth Magic trait line pick up Signet Mastery which will recharge your signets 20% faster.

You should start off the fight in your Fire Attunement and work through your rotation quickly. When doing this you are going to be building up your might increasing your damage. After this you can switch to your Air Attunement. Due to the traits that we chose your air spells also have the chance to cause burning to your enemies.

This is very beneficial since a lot of the skills are channeled and will be doing a lot of hits that build up damage. Lastly don’t forget to use your signets as often as possible. After choosing our earth magic trait they will now recharge 20% faster so make sure you take full advantage of them.
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