Defiance Leveling Guide

Here are some leveling tips for Defiance to increase the rate that you progress through the game. In actual fact there is no leveling per se, it is more progress through the game and the main factor that governs this is EGO rating.

You will up your EGO rating as you complete missions, take part in Arkfalls and obviously as you spend your Ego points on weapons and mods.

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There are 3 main parts that you will want to focus on with progress through the game and these are EGO rating, weapon experience and EGO points.

Weapon experience will improve the skill you have with a weapon so it is a good idea when you start the game that you find a weapon you like using and stick with it. This will allow you to level the weapon faster BUT once it has reached max level you will want to move onto another weapon so you can level that.

EGO rating is another thing you will want to focus on and as this improves you will get perk slots unlocked but you will also get to match make in PVP with people on your level to unlock more goodies.

The main thing you will want to focus on is your EGO rating and your EGO points. The EGO points are used to get more EGO powers and perks and the EGO rating you have affects everything such as your EGO points, weapon experience and perks.

To DOMINATE this game you NEED to check out this DEFIANCE GUIDE

Concentrate on the main missions to begin with and get those ratings up and then go through the side missions.

Defiance is the first MMO that combines the strategy of an MMO with a shooter so if you want to make progress you will need to have decent shooting skills and understand how to mod the weapons, level them up and also get more EGO points and powers to compliment your playstyle.

If you are just expecting a basic shooter then you will need to think again, as the strategy aspect of Defiance is quite deep. You get EGO powers that will affect your character in different ways and you will need to use these in order to compliment your playstyle.

There are thousands of different combinations that you can have using the EGO grid and if you are not sure what you are doing you may end up underpowered in the game.

If you need help and want to make sure you progress through the game I suggest that you check out Defiance Guru. It is a guide that has been put together by a pro gamer and features a step by step missions guide, a full guide to the best perks and EGO powers and you will be able to speed through the game.

There is also a section on general shooting skills and how to get your game up on this aspect of the game to dominate.

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